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All advantages of the H-Zontal Bike
Maximal thrust
Natural posture
Mountain bike
Prone position ?
And competition ?
And after, what ?
Mountain Bike
Even if it is not designed for Moutain biking, the H-Zontal allows to go through forest roards.

You can support yourself on your arms and legs to absorb the unevenness of the roard, but not for a long ride.

To go uphill, the pelvis well maintained allows to give off all the power needed to pass over such unevenness.

However, the H-Zontal hasn't been designed for moutain biking. The main reason to place the cyclist in a prone position is for aerodynamics.
Now, going uphill with a moutain bike the speed isn't fast enough so that the aerodynamics has no effect on the performance ; and going downhill, you look first of all after a good braking.

But theses images show you how easy you can ride it (as a classic bike). In town or on the road, you could go up on a pavement, ride very slowly or in a narrow way.