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douleur de dos    On a traditional bicycle, when you lean ahead to improve the aerodynamics, you bend down on the level of the pelvis, that causes in the long term :
 - a reduction of the thoracic capacity (you may get short of breath)
 - a lumbar bending which is inconvenient for propulsion (and which hurts the back)
 - a crushing of the pubis on the saddle (it hurts the genitals)
 - a stretching of the nape of the neck that is not very compatible with the inflection of the rest of the back (it hurts the nape)
Allignement sur le HZB  To avoid these inconveniencies, the recumbent bicycle made it possible to line up all the body segments.

Thus, on the H-Zontal Bike, the body is perfectly lined up with its bases on different supports.
appuis HZB You can breath without any problems because the supports are set out in order to maintain the body on the hips and the clavicles, so as to let the abdomen and the rib cage free.

The nape of the neck is relieved thanks to the face support, which maintains the head on the level of the cheekbones.

 It's not necessary to keep your head up because you can pilot with the mirror system which allow you to see the road looking downwards.