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 H-Zontal BiKe

Prone position ?
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long it takes to learn how to ride the bike ?
One requires only 3 secondes to find stability, (it is exactlty the same as a bike)
Sometimes you need 10 secondes to find the second pedal.
On the other hand, you need a few days to pilot with the mirrors.
This bike seems too cumbersome to ride ?
Perhaps you could imagine that doing sharp turns is not very easy... But you will find out  that you could easily put one foot on the ground and therefore there's no problem ! 
How could you carry it ?
You can easily carry it on a classic carry-bike for cars.
Does riding hurt the neck ?
No, because you can rest your neck on the face support.
Could you see the landscape ?
Of course, you just have to raise your head !
Is it dangerous to have your head forward ?
Not more dangerous than a classic bike.
When you would have tried it, you will feel safe
Is it dangerous to be low ?
You're not too low. The height of the H-Zontal is exactly higher than the bumpers of a car and not so high, to enable when you stop, to keep the two feet on the foor.
Does it bother to breath ?
As a sports scientist, I studied the anatomy and I put the support on the good bones in order to make you breath normally.
Is the women breast compressed ?
No, the breast is not supported on the boobies but higher up on the clavicle and sternum.
How could you drink while cycling ?
With a water bag in the saddle bag and let the pipe go out, you could drink without raising the head.
For whom the bike is designed ?
For people who needs a fast bike for everyday moves !
For a challenger who wants to break a speed record !
For young people who are searching for new sensations !
Can the bike be regulated for all sizes ?
Yes, for a better confort, the supports can be adjusted in length with a range of 20 cm (or 8 inches).
Is the H-Zontal patent protected ?
I did not invent the concept of the prone position on a bike.
Nevertheless the special characteristics of my bike has been protected by patents.
Please contact me for further informations.
What are the disadvantages ?
First, you cannot rest your head and at the same time see the landscape.
Secondly, piloting with mirror is not straightforward especially in descents.
The actual version of H-Zontal bike is not good for long ride, but it will be improved :
The mirror system is not yet perfect, but if it was built by a goggle industry, the vision wil be improved.
The hips support needs improvement for long rides.
Then, when your hips hurts, you cannot stand up for a long time to allay the pain.

Finally, what is the purpose of designing the bike ?

The bike was designed to go 20% faster than a classical bike.
Even more, the H-Zontal bike is easier to ride than a recumbent bike.

But nevertheless if you would like to go faster, take a motorbike !!!
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