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All advantages of
 H-Zontal BiKe

Prone position ?
And competition ?
And after, what ?
And competition ?

Cyclist competition

The cyclist competition is now completely organised for the classic bike. Recumbents and prone lying bikes are forbiden.
Fortunately, some of these competitions agree to let them participate (like the Classique Genevoise or le Tour du lac de Paladru (You can find informations about french competitions on AFB website)

Besides, the bunch make an different aerodynamics which make the classic bike going as fast as an alone recumbent. But the bunch is very dangerous and you cannot take it everytime you want. In addition, a cyclist could stay in the middle and use as often as possible the others energy. To avoid this, many races are in the mountain, so the lighter cyclists have the advantage, and this is not equitable also...

HPV, the other competition.

I went for the first time in a bike competition with the H-Zontal Bike. That was the HPV worldchampionship on F1 circuit of Zolder.
My results weren't very impressive for a trained cyclist (49 km/h in 200 m, and 38 km/h average for the 45 minutes), but for me, it is 7 km/h more than with my classic bike.
I hope I'll do better next year in Woodbridge Suffolk in England with a new bike and an other cyclist.

An other amazing race I ran was the Bike-Speed : The principle is to go the fastest you can on a short distance (10 m between two electric eyes). (My images)

To conclude :

In 70 years, (since the fisrt lying bikes) UCI regulated as precisely as possible the definition of the competition bike. This was done with the mind that the cyclists should be compared fairly. 
The negative effect of this system is since 70 years, we stop all complete innovation which could have change the way to ride machines.
And you, do you want to keep tradition of the 20th century's bike or do you want to change for a new one ?
You can see images of many innovations on my page about 
And if you think this prone bike could change the way you will ride, just send me an e-mail.