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All advantages of
 H-Zontal BiKe

Prone position ?
And competition ?
And after, what ?
And after, What future for the H-Zontal Bike ?
After 4 years studiyng in Sport university and 5 years in sport industry, I work 1 year to develop the H-Zontal Bike concept (especially supports and mirror goggles which are crucial for confort and piloting).
Today, legislation don't allow me to sell or rent it without a probate (which is not in my budget ; see french
décret de 95).

So I'm looking for partners who could help me to finish the development and put it on the market.
Some told me that is impossible to sell a speed bike forbiden in competition.
But I think many people will be happy to go faster not only for cyclist competition, so I'm still looking for someone.
Whatever the technology you will use, the H-Zontal could make you go 20% faster.
If you build a low price one, you will see your speed go from 20 to 24 km/h.
And if you're trained and you build it in carbon you will ride from 40 to 48 km/h !

You think it is not possible to ride ? :

Remember the beginning of the 19th century, who could have think that was possible to stay on 2 wheels when everybody was riding a 4 legs horse ?

You like the idea ?

So, send me an e-mail

Waiting for this partner, I keep improving prototypes and I run some races.
In parallel, I'm working with a sport activities laboratory to measure with precision ergonomy and performances of the concept.