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All advantages of the  H-Zontal Bike
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All advantages of the H-Zontal Bike
The main advantage of the H-Zontal bike compared to the traditional bike, is that the cyclist position is lower and therefore you are faced with less aerodynamic resistance. This is why, if you want to ride faster, it is necessary to develop a bike where you are in the lying position rather than in the vertical position. This is why recumbent bikes were invented. Nevertheless, riding recumbent bike is not straightforward and one needs to practice for a number of hours before you are enabled to ride comfortably. The other disadvantage of the recumbent bike is that it utilizes a long chain, causing an inevitable loss in energy.

The H-Zontal Bike (prone bike) was developed in the objective of solving these problems. The H-Zontal Bike is easy to use, has a small chain, and is probably the bike in the world that suffers the least from aerodynamic resistance. The H-zontal Bike has also their disadvantages for riding long distances: their comfort still needs improvement, and the method of seeing comfortably the road still needs to be developed.
One can always improve the H-Zontal Bike but the main advantage is that with the H-Zontal Bike you will always go faster than a traditional bike.
At the first view, the concept of the H-Zontal may seem uncomfortable or dangerous, and till now, still remains prohibited in cyclist competition.
It is hopped that one day, that people will accept the new concept and enjoy the new sensation of the H-Zontal bike.
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