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All advantages of
 H-Zontal BiKe

Prone position ?
And competition ?
And after, what ?
Perhaps the fastest bike in the world !

What an amazing bike!

I got the fantastic idea of conceiving the H-Zontal bike when I was riding against the fierce wind. It was a terrible experience ! I had to lean ahead and as you could imagine I had difficulties to breath, and I had my back aching. Therefore, I needed to stand up and to face once more the terrible wind.

So, I imagined building a bike where you are lying horizontally, as a swimmer. But why not biking on the back as the recumbent bike ?
Well, it is known that this riding style is not the most efficient. This is because you need a longer chain, or a more complicated mechanism that causes a lost of energy.

Even more, the H-Zontal bike is fun to ride like Superman !

Today, this bike is really safe and works beautifully, but if you are still not convinced, please visit our website, and you will see for yourself that the H-Zontal bike is fast, safe and simple to use !